Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a process. Find a new meaning for life. A purpose.

                    Common Bond Rehab Center Inc. Saugus, Ca.                    Embracing Positivity in Recovery Have you ever wondered how many thoughts we have in a single day? Many researchers state that we have 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day .That’s a huge amount of information that passes through the grey matter of our brain. It’s safe to say that most of our thoughts are the ones that cause grief and the negative thoughts...

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Posted By on Apr 19, 2018

GUIDE TO OPIOIDS When they’re taken as prescribed, opioids can manage pain effectively. They can improve quality of life for people with chronic pain. In fact, using opioids under the proper supervision of a doctor rarely leads to addiction or dependence. However, when used long-term, opioids may lead to drug abuse with physical dependence and/or addiction. Prescription opioids can also be life threatening in an overdose as can...

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Posted By on Jan 25, 2018

 How to Respond When someone you care about gets clean and sober it’s awesome. There may be hallelujahs sung, joy filling the air, and relief from us friends and family who’d all thought we’d seen enough. But all too often reality rears its ugly head in the form of a potentially devastating and heart breaking relapse. Anger and disappointment are hard to avoid. But for those struggling with a loved one in addiction, it’s crucial to...

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Posted By on Jan 2, 2018

Staying Calm with Self-Care Is it a heart attack?  Is it a stroke?  Am I dying, like really dying?  Anyone who’s ever had a full on, terrifying, ER inducing anxiety attack knows the feeling and knows it well.  It’s not forgettable and not explainable to anyone who’s never had one. While most people with anxiety don’t suffer panic attacks, anxiety itself can still overwhelm us with feelings of fear and loathing. Simply put, anxiety is...

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Posted By on Nov 15, 2017

BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD! For many of us in recovery, our addictive brains are still trying to find something to get hooked on.  And for many of us, that something comes in the form of ice cream, candy, donuts and any number of other foods we may not even realize contain the plump inducing powder.  Scientists are finding that sugar stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as—wait for it—cocaine or heroin! Just like...

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