Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a process. Find a new meaning for life. A purpose.




We offer several outpatient treatment options, each offering group and individual therapy sessions conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist and other certified addiction treatment professionals.  Our location in Santa Clarita is convenient also from the San Fernando, Antelope and Simi Valleys.  Our goal is to help free you from the clutches of drug and alcohol addiction with therapy, education and care.  Many or our clinicians have been there and can help guide you toward a better life for you and your family.  Our outpatient treatment programs typically last three to six months, depending upon the needs of the patient.


With this option, men and women in recovery are provided a daily, three hour  treatment regimen that includes individual and group therapy, drug and alcohol education, introduction to 12 step recovery programs, family counseling, assistance with co-occurring disorders, and a focus on relapse prevention.  In the IOP Program, patients have three to five group sessions per week and at least one individual therapy session with an addiction specialist weekly.  All of this is offered on an outpatient basis with sessions offered during daytime and evening hours, giving you the flexibility to continue to work, study and be involved with your family, something a stay in an inpatient facility cannot provide.



With this option, men and women can benefit from the same caring and expert addiction treatment our IOP provides, but on a slightly smaller scale.  In choosing the OP option, you allow yourself more choice of which sessions, and how many sessions you would like to attend, but retain the same quality and commitment you would expect from Common Bond Rehab Center’s drug and alcohol treatment program.


Common Bond Rehab Center takes most Insurances.

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