stay sober through the holidays and helpful tips

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     Stay Sober Through the Holidays and Helpful Tips

“Whether you’re newly sober, years into recovery, or simply choosing to abstain from driving alcohol this season, navigating sobriety during a time where having a celebratory drink in a common place has its challenges, said Lawerence Weistein, Chief of Medical Officer of American Addiction Center.”

Let’s take a look at how we can plan for a successful holiday season.  Here are some expert tips on how to enjoy the holidays being sober.

  1. Be Honest with You:

Before committing to a holiday get together, let’s take a look at whether you are truly ready to handle being in an environment where people are socially drinking. When you’re newly sober, you have to be honest with yourself, it’s greatly important. Being healthy is extremely significant to your recovery.  If that means staying away from parties, bars or people that you might feel are a trigger, it might be worth making other plans that keep you safe.

  1. Bring a Sober Buddy:

It’s great to bring a friend to parties, if you choose to go.  Friends can help you be sober and accountable for ones actions. Friends can be supportive, and help you enjoy yourself while being sober.

  1. Your Sobriety Matters:

Put your sobriety first and realize that others might not understand at first but, this is your number one priority and this is what matters to you.

4 .Be Mindful of what you drink:

The holidays are a huge social gathering place so; connecting with others might make the situation worse because everyone usually drinks alcohol.  It could be mindful to always have a beverage in hand, so other aren’t constantly offering you a drink.  It’s always wise to be responsible for your own beverage.  Don’t let others get you a drink, it is possible, it could be an alcoholic beverage.  You’ll be surprised how others will respect your wishes.

All in all, the holidays can be rough even though it’s your first sober holiday, or your tenth sober holiday, just remain strong and always remember that the holidays are about love, family and togetherness.

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