Why is Drug Addiction Considered a Disease?

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                   Why is Drug Addiction Considered A Disease?

The science behind drug addiction has come a long way within these past 20 years.  Growing prevalence of substance use disorder around the World.  Many people still want to believe that substance abuse affects only the weak willed, and most see it as a character flaw, instead of a disease, that stems from the brain.

A disease is a medical condition that prevents the body from functioning normally.  For example: Diabetes, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other chronic conditions. These have a huge impact on the individual who suffers from the disease, in which they have long-term effects within their daily lives.  Many diseases are “incurable” but people go through times of “remission”, addiction is no different.

Individuals do struggle with their addiction on a daily basis; most will even relapse during their sobriety.  Just like any other disease, addiction is an ongoing process in which one should work on consciously to prevent a relapse.

As we take a look at the function of the brain of an addict, we need to understand how Dopamine works in the human brain. In a normal functioning brain, we have levels of Dopamine, in which it is a neurotransmitter that allows us to seek basic pleasure. Examples include: resting, eating, enjoying the outdoors, which these all makes us feel good, and resulting in a release of Dopamine in our brain, pushing us to engage in behaviors that keep us happy.  While basic pleasures release Dopamine, so will unhealthy ones like using drugs.   Most often drugs can release much more quickly with a higher degree of Dopamine.  Examples Include: Using Opioids or other enormous euphoric rush of Dopamine in the brain, which is difficult to compare to any other natural source.

To summarize, addiction involves many changes in the functioning of the brain and body. These changes often bring upon a habit of risky substance use which can lead to harmful or dangerous consequences .The consequences or untreated addiction often includes physical and mental health disorders, which usually leads to medical attention.  Untreated over time, addiction become more severe, disabling and life threatening

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