self love in recovery

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Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a process. Find a new meaning for life. A purpose.

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Finding Self Love in Recovery


We live in a world of wrong and right, positive or negative. Even if forgiveness is there and we get back on the right path there is still a lot of guilt and shame that goes along with relapse.   Even though one might feel despair and depressed, no one is walking around pointing fingers, yet it’s our own self-belief of ourselves.   One perspective is that our souls are to grow and learn so we can live our lives as a journey into our own self being.  We are only human and we have to face our own recovery, while loving ourselves in the mean time.

The most important thing regarding recovery, is to take responsibility for our own actions.  We need to be aware of how we talk and treat ourselves. Treating ourselves is one of the greatest gifts available through our own freewill.  The biggest part of recovery is to admit that it is up to you to heal, and to heal with others.  I know it can be very scary for addicts to be real and compassion to themselves, which can make you feel vulnerable. One might say, I hate who I am and who I’ve become.

Doing the deeper work to heal within ourselves and believing that we can love ourselves, is the biggest reward yet.  Self-Love is not contingent on what we are doing, instead it is a simple fact that we are worthy because our souls are very precious.  So, as you can see, being kind to ourselves, doesn’t mean we sweep it under the rug, we still must do our work and stop having negative self-talk and loathing.  Be honest with oneself and take a stand on your own love.  It takes more courage to examine our beliefs than it does to carry them.  Bravely walk forward despite fear and take the time to reflect honestly, we are showing ourselves LOVE.

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