Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a process. Find a new meaning for life. A purpose.

Common Bond Rehab Center Inc. Saugus, Ca.       Stepping into the New Year and Staying Sober Celebrating the New Year comes with celebrating with champagne and other Alcoholic drinks.  And while celebrating the New Year, which usually goes through the early morning, can lead to unplanned and unhealthy decisions. It comes to no surprise that alcohol can lead to rising tempers, disagreements, driving under the influents , accidents, and...

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Common Bond Rehab Center Inc. Valencia, Ca.      Stay Sober Through the Holidays and Helpful Tips “Whether you’re newly sober, years into recovery, or simply choosing to abstain from driving alcohol this season, navigating sobriety during a time where having a celebratory drink in a common place has its challenges, said Lawerence Weistein, Chief of Medical Officer of American Addiction Center.” Let’s take a look at how we can plan for...

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Common Bond Rehab Center, INC. Newhall, Ca. Understanding Addiction and Mental Illness Leading experts claim that addiction and substance abuse can mask many symptoms that under lye other conditions. Many people suffer from depression and anxiety for many years, which usually leads to attempts to self medicate. They are finding out through their recovery the correlation between addiction and mental health. What is Mental Illness? The...

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Common Bond Rehab Center INC. Stevenson Ranch Santa Clarita, Ca.                      Why is Drug Addiction Considered A Disease? The science behind drug addiction has come a long way within these past 20 years.  Growing prevalence of substance use disorder around the World.  Many people still want to believe that substance abuse affects only the weak willed, and most see it as a character flaw, instead of a disease, that stems...

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GUIDE TO OPIOIDS When they’re taken as prescribed, opioids can manage pain effectively. They can improve quality of life for people with chronic pain. In fact, using opioids under the proper supervision of a doctor rarely leads to addiction or dependence. However, when used long-term, opioids may lead to drug abuse with physical dependence and/or addiction. Prescription opioids can also be life threatening in an overdose as can...

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GUIDE TO COCAINE If you hear the term “dope fiend” you’re probably hearing about cocaine.  The phrase came into being many years ago to describe the nasty and sometimes deadly side-effects of constant cocaine use.  Coke, blow, line, rail, snow, big C, powder, stash and bump, are all street names to describe a drug extracted from coca leaves and worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide.  Euphoric, energetic and alert are among...

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